Social Media and Navigation for the Visually Impaired

The exponential growth in Social Media over the past 10 years has turned full circle to the point whereby its use and necessity is ubiquitous for advanced societies.

Never before are we able to be interconnected in our social, educational, professional, navigation, religious, business, and many more facets of life.

Fortunately, barriers have been overcome, making inclusive the vision and hearing impaired segment of society. Software advancements have progressed to the point where lives are expanded and enhanced with online social media usage.

Computer Screen with clouds and matching clouds in background



Facebook has committed itself to the visually impaired community by aiding with the ability to use the site.

Shortcuts aid in the navigation of various screen readers such as JAWS, Window-Eyes, and VoiceOver.  Users are able to navigate through functions to Like, Comment and Share like everyone else.

Facebook has a Facebook Page where you can learn about the built-in features and technologies that help people with disabilities.


Twitter is accessible on IOS and Android Platforms with all the mainstream screen readers.

Nugget or EasyChirp can interface with PC users, whereas NightOwl is workable for Mac VoiceOver users.


Software is constantly being developed to aid the blind in navigating streets and buildings.

Popular wayfinding applications are Seeing Eye GPS and BlindSquare which uses the FourSquare data.

There is difficulty however with getting off the street and into a building, even getting up elevators that have different button arrangements.

But at the end of the day, blind people are still dependant on their keen sense of memory, sound, timing, and mental measurement to navigate.

Digital Owl Eyes

Which way to Type

Many blind people are intimidated with electronic communication equipment.

The keypads can be daunting to learn and navigate.

Blaze EZ is a multi-playing entertainment device that mimics a smartphone and has a standard touch-tone keypad that offers the comfort of familiarity.