Chiropractic Treatment, Relationship to Eyesight Health

Spinal Adjustments Help Eyesight.


A 38-year-old, Dubuque man, had been legally blind in his left eye for 12 years — that is until his January 2008 chiropractic visit recounted that after his adjustment, his left eye started watering.  Then his right eye started watering too.  As he wiped his right eye, his vision miraculously returned to his left! Evaluation with an eye doctor found that the man’s vision in his left eye had partially returned.  One may state “There is simply no biological mechanism for neck manipulation to restore vision to one or both eyes…. the pathway from the eyes to the brain is fairly direct and does not pass anywhere near the neck.”

Eye Test

Quite the contrary, the upper four cervical nerves communicate with the rami communicants, which in turn communicate with the superior cervical ganglion, which then transmits with the cavernous plexus made up chiefly of the medial division of the internal carotid nerve, which then communicates with the nerves of the eye through the ciliary ganglion (oculomotor nerve, ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve, and the nerve to the ophthalmic artery).

A misaligned vertebrae can interfere with adequate blood flow to the optic nerve (via the sympathetics ) and can rob its ability to process sight appropriately.

Case Studies

But, then again, “spontaneous recovery” is always a distant possibility, however, the following case studies reveal some extraordinary results.

Chiropractor Making Neck Adjustment

• In the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the author reported on 114 patients with neck arthritis and associated visual disorders.  Following “manipulative treatment” 83% of these patients showed visual improvements — with 91% of the 54 followup cases showing lasting effects.

• In the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), a case study of a 9-year-old female was reported.  The girl essentially had tunnel vision in both eyes.  After one adjustment her vision normalized.

• Another 62-year-old man suffered a week-long visual loss in one eye. He was also experiencing headache and neck strain.  An eye exam showed no issues.  Following a week of spinal manipulative therapy, the man’s vision improved dramatically and was confirmed with computerized static perimetry.

• The Journal of Behavioral Optometry reported on an elderly man who lost his vision following a trauma to the head.  Both optometric and ophthalmological examinations confirmed his blindness. The ophthalmologist reported the blindness was permanent, medical treatment was not indicated.  Following three treatments with the chiropractor, hints of vision were observed. Subsequent adjustments provided an improvement to the point that he was eventually able to “read comfortably.”

• Again in the JMPT,  a case study was reported of two 13-year-old cousins with constricted visual fields and diminished visual acuities.  Over a period of only 7 chiropractic treatments, recovery of normal vision was obtained for both — with much of the improvement being seen immediately following the adjustments.

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